About Us.

Pop Cosmetics has been developed and is made in Hawaii USA, by Kristie Chee our qualified non-toxic, clean makeup formulator (and makeup artist), to accommodate individuals who are looking for 100% non-toxic safe luxurious makeup and skincare.


The majority of cosmetics sold on the market claim to be safe and non-toxic, however if you take the time to read your labels, you will discover a lot of nasty ingredients, even from the most reputable world wide brands. Most clean makeup drugstore brands, are major offenders in advertising as chemical free cosmetic brands, but still use raw ingredients that have been extracted or processed via hazardous chemicals, but are not legally bind to list them on their labels, so they don't. 


We disagree with this stance and that is why we use 100% safe, non-toxic ingredients, ABSOLUTELY NO toxic synthetic ingredients are ever used in any of our products. They are FREE from synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, petrolatum, dimethicone/ silicones and the list goes on. Our formulations are made in small batches and contain naturally occurring preservatives, to keep products fresh.


MAKEUP ARTISTS! You can now reassure all of your clients, that the makeup you use is 100% non-toxic and safe, but still looks and feels to professional standards.


A message from the creator of Pop Cosmetics brand:

Hello and thank you for coming to our store. My name is Kristie Chee and I'm the cosmetic formulator and creator of Pop Cosmetics. Let me tell you my story about how I began creating a new clean cosmetic brand, for professionals and non-professionals.


After many years in the wedding/ modeling photography industry, I decided in 2009 to study makeup application at The Academy of Makeup in Brisbane, Australia. I absolutely loved learning how to make people look beautiful and I have continued to practice the art of makeup application, throughout the years thereafter. 


In 2019, I found out my liver enzymes were elevated excessively, which prompted me to do a lot of research, as to why this may have happened.  What I discovered opened my eyes to change my health and well being habits.  I came to realize, that your liver is responsible for filtering and eliminating every toxin that enters your body and how important it is to know what we are putting into and onto our bodies.  


After learning all of this valuable information, I started looking at all the ingredients on all of my beauty products, including hair products and makeup. I discovered all of them, including companies who claim that their products are safe, included ingredients that may have been causing negative effects to my liver function.


That's when I decided to study natural/ non-toxic cosmetic formulation, to fill the gap. I have since created my own makeup and skincare brand for professional makeup artists and everyone else, that is 100% safe, which enables makeup artists can reassure their clients, what they are using on their face is not harmful, without compromising on quality or luxury.


Because of these changes, to this day my liver function has returned to normal......Hallelujah!


And that is how Pop Cosmetics was born and offer everyone the chance to get their hands on non-toxic safe luxurious makeup and skincare.