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So incase you're still wondering, "What's the difference between this brands ingredients, compared to clean drugstore makeup brands, or clean beauty skincare brands?" And that is a really good question, which we can definitely shed some light on! 


Pop Cosmetics formulations only include ingredients that are clean, safe and non-toxic to the body. We formulate with only the purest ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, pesticides, GMO's and no fake preservatives..


After doing a tonne of research and completing my clean cosmetics formulating qualifications, I learned that companies are able to promote their brand as "All Natural," even if they include artificial ingredients, that may not be safe for the human body. 


"So what does that really mean?" Let's take a closer look at some terms, that are tossed around in the industry today: Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Synthetic-Free.



According to the FDA, the term 'Natural" doesn't have a legal definition, so basically a company is able to call their product natural, based on their own definition of what"Natural" is. Some companies idea of natural, is an ingredient concocted in a lab to mimic an ingredient in nature. We source our raw materials in natural form: meaning it is a raw ingredient harvested directly from nature and its molecular form is not altered. In a rare occurrence, if there is an ingredient that we cannot source in natural form and we simply cannot make a product without it, it will be disclosed on the webpage of the product.  


Although a products natural ingredient list, can sometimes sound like it's harmful or contain synthetic ingredients, due to the FDA requirement that all cosmetic ingredients, must be listed in their scientific names. This is where it's a good idea, to research ingredients and get familiar with some of the names.  



This means the ingredients are grown organically, with no harmful pesticides/ GMO's....... But.......Yes there's a but! They are only required to include a certain percentage of organic ingredients, to make the "Organic" claim, on their label.  Which means other chemicals may, or may not be included in the formulation. Check your ingredient labels! We carefully source our raw materials and look for NON-GMO options.



These products are formulated without the use of animal products, or byproducts (such as beeswax). However, just like the vegan diet, allowing the consumption of cheese flavored corn chips, (because they claim its not real cheese), their cosmetics have similar ideals, which can include synthetic chemicals, providing no animals where harmed during the process. The majority of our products are plant based, there are some lip products that may contain beeswax.



This means none of the ingredients in a product, has been tested on animals. Products which display the Leaping Bunny, indicate they are free from animal testing, however not all products display the symbol, because you have to be certified by the Leaping Bunny Program to show the symbol. Though, this does not mean other small companies, not participating in the program, aren't cruelty free.  Check the label, or their website for information on this. We are not Leaping Bunny registered, however we do source raw ingredients that haven't been tested on animals.



These products contain NO artificial, man-made, lab produced ingredients.  They are made 100% of naturally occurring elements or compounds. This term is also not regulated and does not mean that the ingredients are organic. We source our raw materials in natural form, if there is an ingredient that we cannot source in natural form and we simply cannot make a product without it, we make sure the ingredient is produced ethically and safely and it will be disclosed on the webpage of the product.  



For a brief summary of ingredients and where they come from/ how they are made, please visit the product page, of your interest.


We care about your needs, so if there is an ingredient that you have an allergy to listed in a product you wish to purchase,  please feel free to send us an email, or contact us through the live chat and we can check if there is a substitute ingredient that doesn't affect you, or the quality or outcome of the product.